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I wouldn't recommend side chain/ducking because that in effect doesn't really give you what you need. When the voice is loudest the music trailer will be at its lowest and at the voices lowest the trailer will be at its loudest. You want the opposite for clariity. I recommend riding the fader of the trailer underneath for best results
A couple of problems with this. Announcements should not vary dramatically in level.. certainly not enough to cause the music track to waver. That's the responsibility of the vo announcer and the engineer (also why the voice is usually compressed during tracking). With that said, ducking becomes very effective.

Riding gain (via DAW fader automation and in lieu of auto-ducking) is of course the way to go, but it takes experience, is time consumming, and is not as spot-on as auto-ducking. Truth be known, manual level automation is of course the ultimate compressor, without the artifacts heh .

Inner Light: Cudos to ya'. Stations like yours that are actually preserving the dynamics of what they send out are to be commended. Very rare in this day and age. Unfortunately most commercial producers want it either loud or louder. Then there's the station's compression prior to broadcast! Oh well..

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