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Thanks, obviously I am biased and think its a great album, one that has been overlooked by too many people. And Gerry is a genius on guitar...

That swelling effect was achieved during the tracking of the vocals, mostly by Duncan being his own volume controller and layering the parts. I do not remember exaggerating that element in the mix. Plus the way in which it hits the vocal reverb just gives it a lovely plume affect..... glad you like it!

With respect to "On A High" from the Daylight album, the vocal effect was simply a tight delay feeding a reverb and some width enhancement. Part of the character you describe is just inherent in his voice at that range and we may have enhanced in some way. As for the drums I seem to remember putting the drums thru some amps to make it more gritty sounding.

The compression used on the vocal during mixing was the Manley VU two channel compressor / limiter. On the overall buss i used a combination of the Millenia NSEQ 2 and Neve 33609 Compressor. That album was mixed on a Neve 8078 at Cello studios in Los Angeles whilst White Limousine was mixed in the box at Sevonay Sound in NYC.


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