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Old 21st May 2015
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So if I use 32 lives to run Autotune 7 and IK Multimedia Miroslav, Sample Tank 2 and other 32-bit apps in Logic X they will be much harder on the CPU that if I bought the newer 64-bit versions? If 32 lives is used does it make the 32-bit software act like a 64-bit software, thus making it possible to utilize more than 4Gb of RAM? And the final question is if you guys think that 32lives will work with Logic XI whenever that happens to be released?

I'm trying to decide if I should just buy the 32 lives or if it's better to upgrade to Autotune 8 and either purchase a SampleTank 3 to play the 32-bit IK libraries or even forget about those ones. I don't use Autotune very much so I suppose AT7 via 32 lives should work well enough. Thank you!