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Hi all
The 2073's were made for a console in London that Console Electronics had butchered in the early 80's with the worst rewire ever.
(Not the SABC frame- the 2073's were put in when the 1089's were used in something else.)
The modules ( complete with Cadac monitor section) were an add- on, with the +- 22v rails slung underneath.
The 2073's do sound fast and clean, with crazily comprehensive eq. I had eight at one point, and miss 'em!
The things you sell, eh??
Hi Blake

KACHING!!!! Thanks for the memory jog.... Console Electronics..... I keep seeing crappy Neve modules with /CE silkscreened on the front panel.

I used to know/deal with him/them back in the eighties and it completely slipped my mind!