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Old 1st February 2007
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Yes, when used with Logic, the C4 can be used for the stock logic plugs as well as any 3rd party plugins that Logic is using. It doesn't matter whether it's a synth or an effect, it's all just plugins to the C4, with parameters to be twiddled.

From what I've seen when casually messing with the C4 and Logic, the integration is quite deep. There are some preferences you can set in the controllers menu on how the C4 works with Logic, and you can do things like haver the C4 control many aspects of a channel strip, or just reserve it for 32 plugin parameters at a time (before banking).

But I'm not a big expert on this as I'm not a logic user. I can answer better about how the C4 works with our own Tracktion software. I wrote the spec for that interaction, as well as how the MCU works with it.