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YOU SIR ... ... ...are correct.
The bad news is that we don't experience music in a scientific way. And sonic artifacts provide excitement that is fuel to the emotional impact of music.

So you win. But in the end you lose...
Very well stated Syra. To the people who are suggesting that this chap spend all his money on a room, you realise he says he is mostly doing EDM, Hip Hop, and other forms of music which don't depend on being done in a great sounding studio room? He said 2 INPUTS!

Get a big spacious CR with nice trapping and a good size vocal / occasional over dub studio space [not some tiny vocal booth closet], but do get some quality gear with a vibe. You are going to be in the CR alot and want it to look, feel, and sound good. Artists like interesting spaces that inspire them. As far as gear- Clean you can do ITB, but vibe is much easier with good outboard gear, and transducers are often the most obvious audio changes you can make. For EDM, Hip Hop, and Reggae you need some serious clean LF, so proper room design, and good speakers are nice. A decent mic collection and some good pre's and comp's would be in order. To me the point of summing OTB is vibe, color, and character... just sayin'
Geoff's question about budget and location are the other very good things to start from and we could all help you if you were more specific. Plenty of good places to hear gear on the East Coast and Mid West as well if you don't make it to LA.

Try things out, experiment, have fun, make excellent music!


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