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'Burn in' on a DAC (or ADC) is very snake oily audiophile speak. I personally haven't noticed a difference on any design after hundreds of hours. It's up there with hundred dollar plus IEC cables. Personally I'd be skeptical towards this with any converter, it either does or doesn't sound great out of the box (which the 8x192 and DSD DAC192 do, sound great).
Not according to this review:

Three New DSD-Capable DACs | The Absolute Sound

"Mytek sent me two Stereo192-DSD-DACs, a black standard as well as a mastering version. For the review I used the standard version. I did listen to the mastering version near the end of the review period, primarily to see if the 400-plus hours of playing time I had put on the standard version had any effect on the sound compared to a brand-new unit with no playing time. There was a profound difference. The unused mastering version had a midrange glare and harder edge that was not present in the broken-in sample. Anyone evaluating a Mytek Stereo192-DSD-DAC that has not been thoroughly broken-in hasn’t really heard how a Mytek Stereo192-DSD-DAC can sound. I recommend at least 200 hours with an active signal. I left my review sample tethered to a Logitech Duet tuned to my local public radio’s Internet feed for nearly two weeks before I placed it into my desktop system."