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It was a Signature modded 002r as well, with an even heftier powersupply. For one, my insert capabilities were limited with the four preamps in my path. Two FireWire is a dying limited tech. Three, I didn't wanna have two different types of conversion just to track a drum kit. Four, even with the ADAT piece, I'm always limited to 48k (not that I work above it, but I'd have no way to if I did). Five, the MOTU sounds incredible. It hasn't made me miss the 002 one bit. It's still full and open, and really sturdy driver wise. It's so plug and play, and I have 16 direct I/O to have fun with at all times.

All and all, it just seemed like the right thing to do for my business!
makes sense... not challenging your choice... just wondering what your version of the story was...