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Based both upon cost and personal experience, MOTU is definitely not high-end and certainly not in the same league. And I've love to understand how it "slays" the Aurora.
Is your personal experience based off of the latest MOTU interfaces? Everyone is in unanimous agreement that old MOTU gear was terrible, but right now, I'm talking about the 16a, 1248, etc... series of MOTU gear.

When shopping for an interface to replace my modded 002, I got an Apollo 1st gen, an Aurora, and a Symphony. With them, I tracked the same things, vocals and drums. The Symphony won. It was indistinguishable from my modded 002. The Aurora was boring, but boring isn't bad! In fact I used it to do the final drum takes on the album I worked on. The Apollo was the one my mind prepped to win. And just like anyone on this board, when we start to think something is awesome, our brain makes it so. But that was not the case. When I hit play it instantly let me down. It was the first time I ever actually instantly noticed a difference in sound quality. So hollow and wide, like I applied an aural exciter on my output. I boxed it up and sent it back. I almost bought the Aurora, but like the symphony, it's new price wasn't cutting it for me.

Then along comes the MOTU. Same chips as a symphony and Thunderbolt eh? But chips don't make a converter, we all know that. Nulls to -77 with a Symphony when clocked with a BLA clock. Hmm. Say what you will (and all of you will say it) but numbers don't lie. They can't. Science is science. Still I have no way of testing this thing cause it's SO new. What do I do? I think hard. I really want just conversion with no pesky pres, and yes I want Thunderbolt.

I pull the trigger. I'm making the best mixes yet, my gear is rock solid, and my pres all have a conversion home!! And I can mix with more outboard. All for a third of what I would have spent on a Symphony.

The thing sounds good, don't doubt it till you've tried it, and boy I've tried it.

To the OP. If you're looking for a killer 8ch interface with FireWire, I have a signature modded 002 I'll let go of for $700 U.S. Don't doubt it, the thing is amazing, just not for me anymore.