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Guys, @ hubercraft said he needs minimum 8 channels and firewire. Not thunderbolt, not AVB, not usb. All these suggestions of thunderbolt interfaces are pointless if he has an older mac pro or a PC.

For MOTU - that would leave only the MOTU firewire interfaces in that category - Traveler-mk3, etc. - - Products (under firewire/usb)

Another option - Lynx Aurora 8 with LTFW - Lynx LT-FW

I've owned and used extensively Motu 2408 MK3 units, Lynx Aurora 16's, and the Motu Traveler (currently using Burl, SPL and Lynx Hilo).

The lynx units don't suck, and the Motu's can easily get the job done.

Other option would be UA Apollo firewire.

RME Fireface 800 (would prob. need to buy used) is well within budget. -

All of these are suitable options within hubercraft's specifications.