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Old 8th May 2015
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I'm no regular poster here but on the Roland game I'd like to make a point that seems really important for me. I do think the overall System-1 concept is amazing, however, the keyboard still small and not really professional to suit me. I mean, really, I was looking for something like this for years, just think about it - the board with lots of Roland style controls, sweet slider-pot combination, logically placed and not just a couple of pot/encoder rows, all automatically mapped to the needed parameters of several very nice sounding additive synth emulations from Roland history, let alone original/emulation holy wars. Yea, I hear you naysayers, looks Tron, kids stuff, no display, etc. But look NI make a huge story around their Komplete keys now, open mappings and whatnot but this thing is here, ready to play, new plug-outs coming. Just remember this guy who made custom wooden-cheeks boards with lots of panel controls for his favorite soft synths (one of them was PolyAna), his dream has just come true, remember also this NRPN vs CC nightmares. Additive style panel layout is still relevant, don't underestimate that, and of course it's more than feasible for good old synths so I think it's big, big step forward. Kudos, Roland.