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Great! Thank you a thousend times!!

The CM-1/67 to my ears sound like a perfect microphone, nothing wrong, but nothing special. Perfectly usable. Wow.

The Warbler 67 sounds the same, but better. The lowend is full, the highs are mellow. Expensive sounding.

Hm.... ... how to decide??
Thanks Kidv!

...I think, if you're building a mic closet of potential "keeper" mics, the Warbler series are quite impressive (a K67, a K47 and 3 different C12 variants in the pipeline)...

...but if you're on a budget (this is the "LOW END THEORY") then this auction (both C12 and U87 style) is the "best-bang-for-the-buck" value IMHO:
3U Audio Black Teal CM1 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphones | eBay

...OOPS!...someone scored that deal...