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I do have the Duende. Compared them to my HW SSLs. The HW is more defined and has, what seems like , "better band separation", weight, size and depth for a lack of a better word.

I was kindda thinking from another place in my question, i am not comparing the SSL Plug clones to the HW. thats not the point. I was tying to figure out whether, having limited budget, is it more advantageous to buy HW color eq's such as Neve/Api etc. or SSL which are a different animal and considered more of a surgical eq., at the age of linear phase plugs and the such, that are created directly for super precise surgical work without emulating artifacts.

Trying to find out where is the biggest advantage of analog. In the "colorful" stuff or the surgical stuff...

This may not have a one answer. but this is GS- its where silly questions are asked and answered...