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This surprises me. From what I've gathered, the impact that gear has on your sounds is:


Also, my first thought would be that although the apogee converters were great when they were made, the Apollo converters are a lot newer, and could actually be better.

Would $1000+ put into an apogee converter net me a bigger improvement than upgrading mics or pres?

I'd love to hear your reasoning, I'm very interested in this.
well ...I did and all I can say is my ears are telling me I made the right choice ..I have an Apollo quad and I just bought an apogee ad16x and I monitor using my Rosetta 200 ..everything I'm doing now goes through the 16X and it just sounds fantastic and the clock is unbelievable.. I Clock the 200 and the Apollo via BNC and I noticed a difference immediately..The Apollo is good but adding the 16X made it great! another good choice for you would be adding a dangerous source ..or dbox..I definitely notice a difference and love working with the Rosetta over the Apollo for DA I would buy a source of I had a little more extra money