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Old 4th May 2015
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What would you upgrade next?

I've got a little money that I can put into my setup, and wanted to get people's advice, since I'd be buying without trying (due to the area I live in).

So... here's my setup:

Interface: UAD Apollo quad + UAD 2 Quad


Golden audio Pre-73 x 2
UA 6176
True System P-solo
Arsenal Audio R20 preamps

Mics I typically use:

Miktek C5 x2
Heil PR40
Studio Projects C4 x2
Audix i5

When I record Vocals, It's usually through the TLM-103 into the 6176
Guitars & bass vary quite a bit.

Drums are:
Kick Inside: PR40 -> Apollo pre (usually with Neve pre plugin)
Kick Outside: TLM-102 -> Apollo Pre (usually with Neve pre plugin)
Snare Top: i5 -> GAP pre-73
Snare bottom: SP C4 -> GAP Pre-73
Overheads: Miktek c5's -> Apollo Pre
Hihat: SP C4 - True P-Solo

I haven't really been using the arsenal pres, just because I assume that the Apollo's are just as good, and they are more convenient. I might be wrong (?)

I'm recording rock, reggae, folk and funk

So, 2 questions:

1. Are there any other takes on what preamps/mics I should be using for each of these things? For example, would the GAP Pre-73's be better used for something else?

2. What would be my best next upgrade? I was considering an API A2D for the overheads. Should I replace the Studio Projects mics? The GAP Pre-73's? The P-Solo (I'ts always bit a bit of a pain due to lack of headroom).

thanks everyone!