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Guosheng Zhuang from 3U Audio just comes across as a great guy. I bought my Teal CM-1 for $130, which is already 20 dollars less than the asking price on Ebay. Well, he sent me a refund today of 5 bucks and said that I overpayed 5 dollars more than other customers and he wanted for me to have a fair price. LOL. As if he already didn't give a killer price to begin with. What a great guy...
Yes, I agree, he's a straight-up guy...he told me what's most important at this stage is to get mics into the hands of those who can put them to good use, thus verifying their value...he recommended that if any of the GS members were interested in trying any of the 3U products, that they reach out directly to him via the website email address, mention Gearslutz, and he will give them the best deal he is able to, thus circumventing the fees associated with eBay...

And the prices improve if you purchase more than one mic, due to the disproportionate expense of int'l shipping...a pair of CM-1 mics works out to even less per mic than the single mic cost with shipping...