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Old 3rd May 2015
Hi Rea,

We tried to match a few SSL plugin EQs against a range of EQ settings on our SSL 4000 desk to see which got close. The Waves SSL clones got very close but you can't boost like you can on the desk. Also, depending what SSL outboard you're looking at, you get more of a weighty, three dimensional thing going on if you run a mix through a few SSL outboard channels. I also have 8 channels of outboard SSL EQs with line amps that I bought years ago and running stems from an ITB mix through those instantly added weight and seemed to help pull the mix together and help things sit. I'm not sure one or two outboard EQs on an otherwise ITB mix would make much difference vs plugins (unless you're talking a decent stereo EQ on your mix) so I think whether it's 'worth it' is really down to how many outboard EQs you'd be looking to add. Plugins do get quite close to the SSL on an individual channel basis, but it doesn't sound the same as a whole mix going through an SSL desk or 75% outboard in my opinion.