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I do alot of radio and TV commercial mixes. I find that slightly compressing the vo in stages, with NO compression or limiting on the mix-buss actually makes everyting sound louder, bigger, and better when it goes on air. If you squish the hell out of everything, then the station limiting will make it sound small. The only EQ i use on the voice is low-cut at 70 hz and +1 or 2 db at 10k. use a de-esser only if u really have to. if yer having problems with "s's" alot then maybe u shud use a different mic. I always insert the EQ after the compressor. i went thru alot of trial and error and finally my mixes are sounding great on air. elemental audio (now RND) and sony oxford work great for radio and tv stuff. U can draw the volume changes in your DAW, works better for me than the side-chain/ducking technique. Cheers.