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ok cool thanks for all the info!

So just to be clear... I'm not using any analog summing. So the workflow would be : out channels 3-16 into the outboard gear and back into the symphony. connect the burl via SPDIF. use channels 1-2 to come back into the symphony via the burl analog inputs. the symphony would be taking the signial in via the SPDF thus bypassing its own converters. How about the clock? and i'm still confused about the monitoring. would i be able to hear a signal at this point or do i need more gear?

thanks again slutz!
Yea for sure, that makes this task much easier,
First connect the Bomber to the SPDIF input. Clocking options are flexible. You can Sync the Apogee right from the SPDIF port, or connect external clock with a Word Clock cable between them. You can use the Apogee or the Burl as the master. I would suggest trying it out both ways, but it won't matter to me as much as others how you clock these two. They are both extremely good.

Anyway, so you want to send channels to outboard gear and re-record it with the Bomber AD. Well you would just assign the SPDIF to replace Analog Inputs 1/2 but to monitor that signal you can use any Channel of DA you want with your DAW mixer output. Since you are just looping through gear. It would seem you can devote any pair of Channels to your Monitor/Mix output.