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You may feel that way. If you have any personal experience relating to that claim I would love to hear about it first hand.

While I don't know what constitutes a 'track record' I do know that I am very happy with my own dealings with the company and their service. I own an early U47 from them that was built when they were offering VF14M tubes and reskinned Neumann capsules. It is still one of my best mics. When I visited their factory for a capsule cleaning I was given a tour and treated with utmost respect.

I also own an Ela M 260. Another fantastic mic that is as beautiful as it sounds. Again I received top shelf customer service.

I have auditioned several of their mics including the Ela M 251. One of the best mics I have EVER had the pleasure to use. When I am able I will be adding one to my mic locker.

So when you say "don't expect anything great" I would counter that with an invitation to anyone reading this to try their gear on your own and report back with your impression.

I agree. I bought a U48 from one of their former owners/CEO's. It's still my most asked for mic, it's fantastic. But we were going through a few tubes a year with it.. Everyone was dumbfounded. Turned out that it was a very early one and it had some wiring incorrect in the head. Even though it was well out of warranty they overnighted me tubes and had the mic overnighted to them when things didnt work out, quickly shipped it back and its never been better. Great folks over there!

But I did for a short time have a real VF14 in my mic, and I thought it was quiet before. Jesus. It really is another animal.

I'd be curious to thoughts on the Nuvistor vs the new very expensive VF14K