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Thermos and SEA I don't doubt that the Forsell and Mytek might be considered technically superior to the Lavry Black - the Black is Lavry's entry level product and has different circuitry to the Blue series - which again has different circuitry to the Gold series - Oh yeah and now Lavry has a further upgrade D/A called the Quintessence. So the Black really isn't representative of what he can do when he goes all-out.

But the thing about the Blue series is that it's been described as having some euphonic qualities - and such qualities aren't always improved upon by going up the chain of fidelity/transparency. I've heard some sound-files of the Blue which impressed me...struck me as having a good balance between hi-fi and textural/musical qualities, and given Ivo's comments at the top of this thread, he seems to have heard those qualities in the Blue too. If he eventually grew tired of the euphonic coloration and wanted something of higher fidelity - fair enough - but I'd just like to know if that was the reason.