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Considering the original post that you quoted was from 2004, he's likely talking about a Mytek design a few generations back from current (especially if you are talking about the DSD DAC 192 specifically).

I don't think he had the 8x192, it looks like it was probably the 8x96 or 2x96, and the 8x192 is a big step up from both of those.

'Burn in' on a DAC (or ADC) is very snake oily audiophile speak. I personally haven't noticed a difference on any design after hundreds of hours. It's up there with hundred dollar plus IEC cables. Personally I'd be skeptical towards this with any converter, it either does or doesn't sound great out of the box (which the 8x192 and DSD DAC192 do, sound great).

I spoke with Chebon the Director of Marketing for Mytek at length (great guy) and Yes... the 8X192 is a step up from the older builds as well as the Stereo192 DSD DAC.

There's is now a $400 upgrade on the front end for the 8X192 that is well worth it from what Chebon and others have said, and will be implemented on the new versions on the 8X192 along with other improvements when it is released in the future.

Some of the improvements will be an upgraded clock and an upgraded analog and digital front end. Change the weighting to -15 (Chebon thinks). Change the volume control and increase the digital routing and processing. Plus make it look cooler.

Chebon also told me that there is a break in time of at least 50 hrs (I believe) but the unit continues to break in as time goes on. Other end-users have confirmed this and stated that the 8X192 does smooth out in time. YMMV.

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