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Is there an estimated life expectancy in normal operating conditions?
I know a lot of factors come in to play, usage, handling, operating conditions, water falling in your studio, humidity, etc...What is a VF-14 life expectancy can someone give an estimated number?
I've been in the business of restoring and upgrading U47s since 1987. I have never experienced a VF14 which, after restoration of the mic, worked, to later, upon re-inspection, to have failed.

As long as the tube is operated at Neumann's prescribed voltages (105VDC B+, 36VDC heater), its chances for failure are extremely small, for the reasons I had posted earlier in this thread. The two deadly enemies of a long VF14 life: mechanical shock and extreme under-or over-supply of heater voltage. Both are factors fully in control of the owner.