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Originally Posted by the fxs View Post
I've had a recording booth inside my apartment that was almost exactly built like yours.
Same size, same materials. I had the whole booth standing on 5 rubber feet, and I added a window.
I had to put a lot of absorbers and diffusers inside there to make it work. A room of this size is only useful if it's "dead".
It served me well for 4 years. It was great for recording vocals and practicing drums, but forget about anything else.
You won't be able to mix on monitors inside that booth... it won't work.

thumbs up for your DIY approach!
Great to hear your feedback! Thanks a bunch.
Yeah, I'm focused on recording vocals and producing in here, especially after doing some reading up on what everyone in here was talking about. If I get some rough mixes or whatever that's great but this is mainly going to be the "idea room".

But still, I'm very interested in hearing everyone's input on how to get this room as close as possible to monitor mixing. That would be icing on the cake.