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Old 23rd April 2015
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....soooooo what was meant to become a great fun morning piping this mix I'm working on from Logic into Mixbus turns into a bit of a feast of wrong.

I put it on my Hackintosh running Mavericks, and whilst Jack installed and seems to work fine Mixbus crashes out at launch. Haven't even seen the faders yet. Just won't open.

So then I put it on my Hackintosh laptop running Yosemite and law and behold, installing the version of Jack that comes with Mixbus 2.5 completely shut down my access to booting OSX at all!! Still boots into Windows, but OSX has gone fishing completely. Obviously doesn't play nice with Clover....

So I just found Harrison have a version of Jack they say to use on Yosemite, but this was not exactly well advertised. Maybe that one wouldn't have crashed out the laptop, who knows....

So now I have one main machine with Mixbus on it that won't even open and the other machine completely twatted by this until I fix it. Nice. Seems like the morning is for fact finding and sorting out boring ****e, not mixing......

Hackintosh users, beware!!!