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You'd probably want to use individual tracks, not stems, for the full effect. Not sure what they cooked into the summing algorithm to make it sound different from other DAWs, but it does. Yes, I know that in general all DAWs sum exactly the same. Mixbus is different.

Couple more thoughts:

The tape sim is excellent, but it may be different than using tape sims that basically add harmonics. What it does unless you push it is limit inaudible transients to raise the entire signal, while remaining transparent. If you push it harder then it starts to add more of a saturation effect. This in my experience is actually closer to what a good tape machine like a Studer does.

The built in EQ's and compressors are great and extremely usable, especially for a fast workflow, but the excellent stuff is their proprietary plugin set. Better is a subjective thing, but I'll just say that they are on par with the best software I've used.

The fast and easy workflow is probably just as good of a reason to use Mixbus as the sound.

I think the reason for the low cost is that it is built on the open-source Ardour DAW, and they just ported the algo's from their digital consoles and changed up the mixer UI. Not sure if they are really trying to make money from it, which is kind of a refreshing thing. Ben Loftis from Harrison is listed as one of the Ardour developers. May be more of a labor of love and support for open source as much as anything. Certainly I have had bad experiences and not-so-good sound from software that is quite expensive.