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Ye of little faith! hahaha. I'm very adaptable. And to be honest, my whole career I've mixed from smaller than average spaces. With the right reflection and treatment I'm completely confident of the possibilities.

As far as the suffocation risk, I will be ventilating the space. I just picked up a used AC unit yesterday that will sit outside the room and will feed through a duct to the room. And being rated to cool 1200 square feet, I think my 30 square feet should cool down quite nicely, not to mention quick! However, I will put a small rubber sealed door on the inside of the room to seal the duct so it will be literally air tight when need be (i.e. vocal take or final mixing/mastering).

And again, the size was dictated by the eventuality of needing to move the room. If I had the security of permanence I would build a 24 x 24 or even larger...

As far as the door: I'm thinking I'll use a 30in x 70in piece of 1/2in acrylic sheet with Cardellini Clamps at the four corners. I'll drill holes for handles on the acrylic too and put a rubber seal around the outline of the door frame and basically seal myself in from the inside. In other words, the door will be detachable, so no worry about gear space.

Thanks for the responses!

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