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Old 21st April 2015
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I just bought Mixbus for the $39 deal so I'll share my thoughts so far with it.

I use Logic as my main DAW and I have some tracks that I'm currently working on for release. The tracks were done and I just bounced everything out using the Bounce and Replace function. I took all of those parts and imported them into Mixbus.

Once in Mixbus I grouped parts together over the 8 busses, I experimented with some of the compressors and tape saturation settings to see what they sounded like.

I haven't had much time with it but the results are pretty shocking. It sounds like a console. It has a certain weight to the mix now. I played the new mix for a friend and he said it sounded more open and the bass sounds more natural.

For me, It's a winner. I'll do everything in Logic and then just export the audio and mix it in Mixbus. It's really simple to use and sounds great. For $39 it's an amazing deal.

I know there are some crazy routings you can do with Jack but I haven't had time to dive that deep.
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