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Old 21st April 2015
Harrison Mixbus whats the verdict?

So guys I've always been intrigued by Harrison Mixbus, and its on sale atm for $39 which is kinda a no brainer. However i'd like to hear what some real world users have to say about it. I don't want to buy another piece of software that I never end up using!

I am considering using it just for mix downs (stems) since I'm happy with Ableton for composing (Bigwig is on my mind too but I'm too invested in Ableton atm). I use Logic for final mix down and can continue to use that but as I said I was always interested in Mixbus. My main question is how does it compare sonics wise to Logic, Ableton, Cubase, PT, et al.

Thanks in advance.

ps... and all you null boys out there I'm not interested in discussing how all daws sound the same thanks