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I'm very happy with my tube L47. Bought one new last year, mostly because a friend brought me over for some session work close to 20 years ago and the sound stuck in my head. When he mixed my voice (backing vocals), he could bring me way down and I still cut through easily. At the time, I did some other work around that time and everybody put me on big dynamics for easy blending.

I don't regard it as a U47 so much, as something different in a similar vein. Mine has no noticeable hum, but to the point made earlier, it has a lot of reach: the room has an impact on the sound of the mic more than most. I haven't done a spectrum analysis on it, but I would say that it is strong in the lows and the highs. To the point about female vocals, I would happily use this mic, but be prepared to use EQ for the strong top end.

Really, same for acoustic guitars or any instrument with a bright top end, it takes a little time and positioning, as well as EQ to get the best sound (yes, it takes longer than probably most of the others I have, but it also has something that they don't.)