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Does look and feel like they are chasing the new Ensemble (black paint job, 8 preamps) etc. Next gen ? They all say that - what were they going to say "today's gen" ?

I own an Apollo - it's gorgeous as it is, works great, does everything I expected it to and more - just as they day I bought it. Not enough here to get me to upgrade.

+ (8) Preamps - very nice indeed. With development of Unison, putting in (8) pre's is a nice addition and a logical step
+ Out of the gate TB connectivity

- No Octa Card
- Price
- Black paint job (I like the silver, but that`s me)

? "Next gen". Right there with "archive-grade, world class, best in class, mastering-grade" ya di ya. Marketing novlangue.

If I didn't already have one, maybe. A platform, decision as other than the plugs, the new Ensemble does a lot of the same, at lower price point.