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Old 27th January 2007
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Deciding between MCU and US-2400

HI there, I'm trying to decide between getting a US-2400 w/ a Novation Zero SL, or and MCU and C4.

If I'm not mistaken the MCU and the US-2400 run off the same drivers. I like the price on the US-2400 and I like the automap function of the Zero SL though it doesn't work for Sonar yet, but I guess they are working on that. I don't think the C4 has automap, but in either case I think your going to have to create a lot of track widgets for VST's and the such, but I think the Remote SL can save templates to load.

I like the track name LCD on the MCU's, and with the cost coming down with the release of the Pro units, it is sort of tempting but will be a little more money for 24-tracks and more MIDI slots.

I don't know, anyone had experience with both and might have input on why I should choose one over the other? THanks again!