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Not sure why I said I won one. dfegad I bought one. The Interface is really nice, most of the main paramters can be accessed from the front and makes sound design hands on. Stuff like the RCOs have are accessed through a menu to change them. The Matrix is the best I've used and everything is lined up right in front of you, so it makes it really easy to mod stuff. You can up to 4 different mods going for every patch.

I know what you mean about the outboard gear. It's a tough call on how to keep a nice balance of synths with outboard. Right now I'm leaning on the synth heavy side, but now I'm balancing more with outboard. I guess that's why we're here at GearSlutZ
yeah, I understand, you had to pay, but you won the auction right?
funny about balancing synths and outboard (hope this is not OT) - a musician friend said to me compressors aren't for creative use, they're just compressors. I think amps and eq and compression can change a synth sound very much, so for me it's sort of part of the patch heh

cool about the sunsyn being very easy to program. I need that to go from A to B quick.