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Hi everyone,

I really appreciate all the feedback you all have given me on past submissions.
This time, I rerecorded this song, trying to sound as natural to my own voice and style as I can, without trying to sound like the original artist, which is a problem I have.

Guitar - Gefell M300 pair
Voice - Peluso 2247LE
Preamp - Avalon AD2022
Converters - UA 2192
Guitar - Taylor 414

I really appreciate any comments:

Time In a Bottle

i think it's a lovely recording--very warm, and that taylor sounds gorgeous. the "singing in one's natural voice" thing is a problem we all struggle with, i think, when doing covers. you sing the song very well but i'm not sure if you've achieved your goal of not sounding like jim croce...though of course it's hard to tell because i don't have any other recordings to compare this too--and it seems clear from the recording that your natural voice must share characteristics with that of croce.

the matter is further complicated by the fact that *everyone*'s singing style is informed by various aspects of the singers they have grown to admire...and it is perhaps inevitable that when one is singing a certain artists' song, the aspects of one own's voice that are attirbutable to that particular artist will come to the fore. (witness for example, just about any performer singing a dylan cover--a lot of singers who have a little dylan in their voice start sounding a lot more like him).

also, am i wrong in detecting that you have a northern european [?] accent? when singing in a language not one's own one is very likely to take pronunciation cues from the original performer, and doing so will also make it tougher to sound like oneself.

don't get me wrong, i think it's a good vocal performance--i'm just speaking to what you mentioned about trying to sound like the original artist.

i myself am a natural mimic and so i know this problem very well firsthand. i went through a long period of trying to break my voice down to some kind of baseline that was purely me--without either imitation or affectation...the results of which ended up sounding like an affectation unto itself!

i think it was good for me to go through that stage of being hyper-aware of avoiding affectations of all kinds but i'm able to sing with more confidence now that i've finally stopped worrying about it so much. just some thoughts on my own experience with this, for what it's worth.

one other thing: it's clear that the ritards on the guitar part that precede each verse are intentional, but should it also be slowing down under the vocal? (sorry, i don't have the original handy...and don't remember).

anyway, in full, a very nice job of capturing an excellent song. you put it over well.

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