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Originally Posted by Thomas W. Bethe ➡️
Revox PR-99 were workhorse tape machines that needed very little maintenance to keep them running smoothly. It sounds like this machine needs some TLC. You are probably correct in that there is something not connected in the machine either a cold solder joint or a printed circuit card not seated properly in the connector. As to the channel difference that could just be a calibration issue and will get fixed when the tech goes over your machine.

The PR-99 were used for remote recording and for broadcast and proved to be very rugged and trustworthy under less than ideal circumstances. Best of luck!
Thanks very much for the info

My tech had a look at it on Friday, said it was just a loose connection. He's going to give it a proper clean and service over easter

He basically said the same as you, that the machine just needed a bit of TLC. As for the scratching/gurgling noise, he thinks the heads need demagnetizing.

Hopefully I'll have it back and working properly in a couple of weeks

Thanks again