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Old 27th March 2015
Thanks guys, appreciate your thoughts on this.

As I said when I started the post

"I have found that even when something is recorded well, lets say vocal and acoustic guitar, that in itself doesn't mean it will sound professional"

This assumes that everything going in, is good and as it should be. So I was thinking what is it that is added after that which gives it a finished sound ?

As some of you have pointed out, things like compression, eq, reverb and limiters etc all play a part, presumably not many people produce records without these processors ? I guess there is always the exception, but in the main i'm guessing these procedures are a formality ? Is it the above along with mastering that brings a finished sound also ?

I been reading a lot about how the beatles made their records in the early days, and it seems there was very little to do compared to todays 100 track count, yet they sounded complete in there own way.

Maybe my question should have been "if I have a well recorded vocal and guitar, what would it need as a minimum to sound pro" ? Nothing at all ? compression, reverb, limiting, mastering ? etc etc

Don't know if i'm making much sense, but i'm trying