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Curious about this Green unit on the floor, is it an Eq ? Tube Based ?
Yes.All tube.On each channel there are five bands of EQ.
Controls five-band
1. Bass shelf @60,120Hz ±8dB
2. Bass range @ 35,50,60,80,100,120,160,200,240,280,350Hz±8dB
3. Mid range @ 450,55,700,800,900,1k,1.6k,2k,2.5k,3k,4kHz±8dB
4. Treble range @ 4.5k,5.6k,6.5k,7.8k,9k,12k,14k,16k,18k,20k,22kHz±8dB
5. Treble shelf @ 10k, 16kHz±8dB
Inductors by Cinemag&Tesla.