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Old 26th March 2015
Here for the gear

Hi Mike,
I have a SC6000 - i recognise those symptoms :
If you have not already tried it, exercising all the 'PFL' buttons on the console might be a good starting point - those little switches get unreliable and a permanently stuck 'on' PFL switch could explain your issue. Also check the AFL buttons for each aux master, and the group modules PFL - any combination of these switches being stuck could be the problem.

There is also the solo in place and electronic mute group - you can bypass the SIP signal to each channel by removing the module, and changing the state of J1 (a small jumper block on the PCB). Otherwise its a case of removing all the modules, adding just one. If it is a fault with the master section then you will need to get it looked at (or buy another one somewhere)

Best of luck anyway..