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Old 25th January 2007
Here for the gear

Question Buying A Decent Reggae/Ska Drum Kit On A Budget..

Firstly, may I say London greetings to all you fine musical folk..just found this's awsome, my girlfriend is history and so are all my real life friends.

Ok so I've got around £400 to grab a drum kit, to be used in my project studio.
I'm a bit wet behind the ears on my best options??
Love the signature metalic fills on Bob Marley's choons courtesy of drummer Carlton Barret along with those fat raw fills by Lloyd Nibbs of 60's ska original engine room THE SKATALITES.

At present I'm eyeing up a Ludwig Accent 5 Piece -£415.
I'm opting for the junior size featuring, to quote ! shells are 9-ply, 8mm from selected veneers.Remo drumheads.
Bass Drum -14" x 18"
Floor Tom -12 x 14
Tom - 8 x 12
Tom - 8 x 10
snare - 5 x 13

I will seek out a timbale ...again any tips??

Any advice by those knowledgable in this field would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless You All.