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Old 23rd March 2015
Yes, I recently had one made for me and encountered this same thing. I believe now Albert tells people this because I rang him out for what I felt like were questionable business ethics (nowhere on his website is it described that your unit might be made in Thailand)

It seems from what I can gather that to reduce manufacturing costs he made an office in Thailand where he sent all of the original Handcrafted Labs team to work (so they could be closer to their parts manufacturer). As Albert told me, it is still all of their own guys making the products and then shipping out from Thailand.

My only issue with this when I ordered mine, was that Albert used the local Thailand Post and there was a significant delay, where tracking didn't update for about a month and we were a bit unsure where the Varis was even. If you are willing to pay extra for private shipping, I would suggest asking Albert about the extra cost to use Fedex or UPS.

The good news is that my Varis eventually did come, and the build quality is really nice. Very firm switches, left and right channels on my unit are matched perfectly, and the sound is incredible. This is one of the most incredible sounding compressors I've ever used. It takes quite a bit of compression before you can hear this guy pumping, and his specific brand of color is one of my favorites, hand down.

One last thing you should be concerned with, is that Albert does not install bleed resistors to ground from the output transformer and this can create damage to gear down the line (or directly damage a Dangerous Liaison if you have one)

If you do get a VARIS I would recommend getting a couple 100k terminator barrels from rapco horizons to attach to the outputs so you don't damage any modern IC gear down the line from the VARIS.