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Isn't the VP26 just a watered down version of the VP28? Wouldn't the VP28 be the better deal then? How do they sound when compared? If it was up to 8 VP28's and 8 VP26 used for drum recording only, what would you use?
I cannot comment on the sound of the VP 26 vs VP 28 because I have never used a VP 28.

I think they are similar in some respects, but I believe the VP 28 has more in the audio path. Some may prefer this sound and some may not.
I would not describe the sound of a VP 26 as "watered down" in any way.

What I prefer about the VP 26 is the continuously variable pots.
It allows the user more flexibility in setting the level to the recorder.

They also sound great and are less expensive than VP 28s.