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Old 20th March 2015
Revox PR99 Issue

Hi all,

I recently bought a PR99 but unfortunately it took a bump in the mail.

Mechanically it works fine but there are a few electronics issues.

The output only works if you really drive signal through it, this seems like probably a cold solder joint or dirty contact to me.

The bigger issues are a couple of problems with the left channel.

If I set both VU's to 0dB then turn down the output of Logic by 5 dB without touching the machine, the left channel reads -7 but the right channel says -5.

This happens with the machine set to input monitor, I'm don't remember but I think it's also an issue in repro mode.

Also there's a strange scratching sort of sound coming from the left channel when playing back a tape. I've tried the Quantegy reel it came with as well as a reel of LPR35 I use on my Fostex R8.

I've put up a couple of audio clips to show what I mean. The problem isn't this bad, I've just boosted in by 20dB so it's easier to hear.

Any help anyone has would be much appreciated.

My tech will hopefully be looking at the machine soon but I'm unsure whether I should just send it back to the seller or not.