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I'm not either to be honest. I usually try to track everything with the same pre so the mojo stacks between tracks. Some instances are different though and I love the way a API pre on Drums and Guitars compliment a Neveish pre on Bass and Vocals. That may be way off track, (pun intended) but to me, much like everyone else I prefer certain pieces on different instruments.

To be fair, back in the old days major studios used what pre's were available on the desk and had no problem doing so! I wasn't bashing them for having all the same gear either. Was just saying for such an outstanding amount of money invested I could build 3-4 studios of exceptional quality.
I have similar taste. I like API on drum close mics, bass, and guitars. Neve on drum overheads, vocals and maybe lead guitar. Really it's API for dynamic mics and Neve for condensers I guess haha I'd really like to get an SSL superanalogue channel strup for snare drum and a second choice for extra clean vocals. A Tube Tech channel strip for the same.