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I was browsing studios in the Nashville area to do some upcoming tracking for a group. I came across a place called "Money Studios". They literally have only one Preamp, one compressor, one EQ and one Microphone.

Here's the what they have and the prices I found for each :

16 EAR 660 Compressor 192,000$
16 EAR 824 Preamp 251,968$
8 EAR 825 EQ 125,984$
16 Telefunken ELA 251 144,000$

Total : 713,952$

Which by my opinion is the worst invested 714k in the music industry. I couldn't begin to even fathom what I could put in a place with that kind of money. Any others doing something like this? It seems a bit stupid to me!
interesting gear inventory.having owned some Ear stuff,very high-fi tube gear but imo pretty limited if you ask me.the 660's are super touchy and dialing them in quickly on a larger tracking date would be a pain,read: NOT versatile..sound good but the not holy grail.
you wouldn't pay anywhere near that and if you did,you'd made a monumentally bad business decision lol.