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Old 5th October 2002
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Aphex 207

I'm looking at buying a couple of channels of cheap mic pres. The idea is to take a Roland VS1880 out to record at various locations, and then come back to the studio and dump them onto Radar for overdubbing.

I need something dirt cheap that will better the (supercrap) pres in the Roland.

any experience with the Aphex 207? Or is the TL Audio 5001 worth considering?

My only alternative is to drag either my Buzz MA2.2 around (sod that!) or my TL Audio C1, but I'd rather it was something less valuable, as this really is non-critical work.

Mikes will be AT4033s, KM184s, TLM103s or AKG 414TLIIs, depending on circumstances.

Any thoughts?