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Old 24th January 2007
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Radio commercial, tips?

Im doing a 10 second radio commercial that includes just a speech (no music or else). I was just wondering if you had some tips on the mixing and else. It was recorded with Rode Nt2000 to PT 24bit 44khz, so the quality shouldn't be an issue. So far I've gotten a quite good sound with c4 - eq - de-esser - rvox - some presence reverb, but i'm having some issues with "s" 's, as I'm not sure how they sound on the radio, and how much I should squash them. I also have another commercial that has speech, and under it a movie trailer soundtrack that also includes speech (in a different language). I was thinking about doing a volume automation to drop the trailer volume when the recorded speech comes in and also cut some frequencys that the recorded speech uses, so they wont mash. Any ideas on this I'd also appreciate.