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Old 14th March 2015
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Just my opinion, but any plug-in company that didn't start supporting 64-bit two years ago at the latest does not deserve to be supported with my money any longer.

It's not just since yesterday that it has been clear that 64 bit would be a very important and necessary step for audio technology.

If a company or developer isn't capable of providing 64 bit versions by now, they aren't taking their job and responsibility toward their paying customers seriously enough.

Not saying they don't make good plug-ins, but they're not taking it seriously enough as a tech business on which customers depend.

Still selling 32 bit plug-ins today is as if a company still tried to sell CRT monitors today.

Sure, you can make your 32-bit plug-ins run again with 32 Lives, but I think it sucks of the respective plug-in companies to leave you hanging with 32-bit plug-ins while the world moved on ten years ago.

As far as Sylenth1 is concerned, I'm definitely not going to buy the 64-bit version once it will be released at last. Took the dude EIGHT years to port one synth plug-in from 32 bit to 64 bit. Whatever he's been doing in the meantime - his focus apparently wasn't on keeping his software up to date. And if your software manufacturer's focus isn't on keeping their software up to date, that's not good for you as a customer.