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Originally Posted by mr scratchy esq View Post
Since I do not do any mastering I certainly do not need the absolute best in A/D (or D/A conversion). I do not want to spend more than 3K total for an AD converter and recorder . . .
It's my understanding that the converters and the mic amps in the Nagra VII are the same as those in the Nagra VI (which I own, though I haven't yet used the N7).

That being the case, I can confirm that the A/D conversion is superb and equal or beyond what you would expect to find in other professional machines with a similarly compact/portable footprint. By appearances, the Nagra VII also represents the excellent ergonomics and engineering that you'd expect from Nagra.

Given the requirements you've outlined (portable recorder *and* excellent conversion), I'd think this would be a great choice, provided you can fit it into your budget (they appear to go for around US$3.3K for the version without the time code option).