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Thanks for the response.

Since I do not do any mastering I certainly do not need the absolute best in A/D (or D/A conversion). I do not want to spend more than 3K total for an AD converter and recorder.

As I mentioned before I would like a portable hi-res digital recorder because I want longer high quality recording time (without changing reels) than my Nagra III can provide.
I'm also starting to run out of shelf space from all the shows I've recorded on the III and it just makes more practical sense to have digital masters for documenting my band's shows and practices.

The only digital equipment I own is a Denon CDR recorder and a new iMac. I'd like to be able to create a better sounding digital copy of my analog master tapes. I like the fact the Nagra Seven can perform several functions that I need better than my existing equipment. I also like the fact that is excels in at least one category (as a stand alone 2 ch. recorder).