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Plush - In another thread I saw that you had first hand experience with quite a few dedicated A/D converters Forssell etc. How does the Nagra compare strictly as an A/D converter sound quality wise?
Nagra Seven is a super high quality a/d converter. It is in a league far above the heavily advertised brands such as Lynx, Universal, Apogee etc.
It is useable to all high quality recording needs.

That said, the all in one solution that is the Nagra Seven is not made to represent or offer the same quality that one can get in the super converter category.

A super converter is one such as the Digital Audio Denmark AX24 or AX34; the Merging HAPI with premium cards. Here one pays tens of thousands of dollars to obtain the ultimate thinking in conversion. I own both of the above and am particularly impressed by the DAD conversion.

Mr. Scratchy--my advice is to please focus on what you REQUIRE. Do you require a new a/d converter? A new d/a converter? Do you need a two channel hard disk / card recorder??

I advise you to buy only what you REQUIRE.